Get early access to Bavest's 65-billion-parameter language model. Explicitly built for finance.

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The full potential of AI for the financial domain

Get comprehensive data in seconds

We’ve trained Bavest Atlas, a large-scale language model for the financial domain, to make finance AI systems more natural and safe to interact with.

65 bn. parameters

Based on our data, we trained Atlas specifically to handle big financial datasets with accuracy.

Atlas is constantly learning

With every question, Atlas is learning to understand better what information you want.

Access realtime finance data

Our novel architecture at Atlas allows us to transmit real-time data in conversations, unlike other systems. This innovative way of interacting with real-time data enables completely different approaches to capital market analysis.

Watch Atlas in action

Have a look at our demo of Atlas, which currently is in closed alpha.

Atlas is built on large data sets

Atlas has been specifically trained on the financial domain to better understand complex financial topics. Atlas will assist Bavest in improving existing financial NLP tasks, such as sentiment analysis or news analysis.


token dataset of filings

Atlas is built on top of a 10 billion token dataset of company filings.


token dataset of news

Atlas is built on top of a comprehensive 20 billion token dataset of market and stock news.


token dataset from the world wide web

Atlas is built on top of a gigantic 200 billion token dataset of web data.